Sunday, 25 May 2014

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Penge Green Gym Newsletter



Dear Penge Green Gym Supporters

 All Hands on Deck!!!

We have a very exciting and hectic couple of weeks ahead of us and we feel like we're racing to the finish line.  On Saturday 14th June we will be holding our annual open day in conjunction with The Open Garden Squares Weekend.   We have been preparing since the early spring, sowing seeds for our plant sale and making bird boxes for children to decorate.  We are now reaching the final stages and the plants are looking great.  We took cuttings from the roses and they are also doing well.  Our task now is to make the garden looks its best for our guests on the 14th.

If you would like to help publicise our open day just download the poster and print it off to hand round to your friends and anyone you think might want to come and enjoy a day out hopefully in the sun.


Ready, Steady, Go Bog Garden!

Our exciting new project is well under way and we spent last Wednesday moving tons of sand, gravel and top soil over to the old pond/ new bog garden area.  With a lot of effort we got it all in place and this week we await another delivery of topsoil to fill it up completely so that we can start planting before our open day.  We hope to get some large plants in and then leave the smaller peripheral planting to anybody that would like to help on the open day.

Here is how it is taking shape -

The pond area was first cleared of overhanging plants then a layer of sand was added.  An underlay and then a plastic membrane was put over the top.

We put a soaker hose on top of the sand which has holes in it and will water the garden from underneath.  We then buried it in gravel and added the first layer of topsoil.

We had a great day doing this and hopefully we can get this finished next week.

Award from Metropolitan Public Gardens Assiation

Thanks to our chairperson Brenda's hard work we have been awarded funding from the MPGA for buying plants to populate the Croydon Road end of Winsford Gardens borders with Shrubs and perennials which will hopefully create a colourful and established look to the border.  We had a fun morning looking around The Secret Garden nursery in Crystal Palace picking out what we wanted.  It should bring some real colour to that area in time for the open day.

Support Dave's big walk to raise funds

for Winsford Gardens

  Dave, a long time volunteer at Winsford  Gardens (on the right) will be walking the  Pennine Way from 24th June to help raise  funds for our many future projects (and to  get fit too!). If you would like to sponsor him  follow this  link where you can also follow his progress as he prepares for his big trip.  Pass on to all your friends too. He is also an avid Tweeter and you can follow him @fergussonfamily.     
Other ways to help
Winsford Gardens

You can also help raise funds by doing your online shopping via easyfunding.  Sign up to easyfunding and when you shop at places like Amazon or John Lewis online, easyfunding will donate and small percentage to the Penge Green Gym.  To sign up follow this link



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