Saturday, 11 April 2020

Penge Green Gym Newsletter April 2020

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Penge Green Gym Newsletter

Happy Easter from Winsford Gardens

Even though the volunteers are not meeting at the park on a Wednesday at the moment we wanted to wish all of our friends a happy easter.  The park is looking lovely with many spring bulbs and flowers at their best right now, and even though you cannot linger for long, if you take a slow stroll through the park you will see and hear nature's beauty in this little oasis.

We continue to keep a watchful eye on the park and are excited to see life exploding from every corner.  This includes our wildlife pond where we have seen the frogspawn come to life in a wriggling mass of little black tadpoles.  They are well protected in the pond vegetation so we hope that many of them will make it to adulthood. 

Take care and stay safe.