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Penge Green Gym Newsletter April 2014

See what's happening in Penge this week....

Penge Green Gym Newsletter



Dear Penge Green Gym Supporters

  Happy Easter From

Winsford Gardens!

There were no easter eggs growing on our tress but with spring in full swing and with all wet then mild weather, the tree blossom and spring flowers have been particularly spectacular this year.
We were also very happy to find a Slow- worm in our leaf litter.  Apparently neither a worm nor a snake, it is a limbless lizard who loves compost heaps.  Hopfully he wasn't too disturbed by our activities and will go back to hunting insects in the leaf mulch.

Support Dave's big walk to raise funds for Winsford Gardens
  Dave, a long time volunteer at Winsford  Gardens (on the right) will be walking the  Pennine Way from 24th June to help raise  funds for our many future projects (and to  get fit too!). If you would like to sponsor him  follow this  link where you can also follow his progress as he prepares for his big trip.  Pass on to all your friends too. He is also an avid Tweeter and you can follow him @fergussonfamily.     
Other ways to help
Winsford Gardens

You can also help raise funds by doing your online shopping via easyfunding.  Sign up to easyfunding and when you shop at places like Amazon or John Lewis online, easyfunding will donate and small percentage to the Penge Green Gym.  To sign up follow this link

Capitol Clean-up Grant

Thanks to Keith's hard work and with the help of Lizzie we have been awarded a grant from the Capitol Clean-up.  This means that we can now move forward with our bog garden and hopefully get it ready for our open day on 14th June.  Well done all involved.
A bit more bad news...
Sadly, over the last couple of weeks the vandalism has become worse.  What was left of the willow dome has now been completely destroyed.  We also suffered a break in to the greenhouse and our lawnmower was taken.  And finally the dead hedge next to the compost bins was burnt to the ground one night. This kind of destruction is very demoralising but we will continue to improve the gardens for the local community. 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Penge Green Gym Newsletter Late March 2014

Penge Green Gym Newsletter



Dear Penge Green Gym Supporters


This week -

a volunteer success story,
a tale of renewal and destruction
and lots of spring flowers!

 Brenda and Dave spoke about the success of Penge Green Gym at the TCV's Volunteering Impacts conference on 27 March 2014 held at Waterlow Park, North London ...and two of our volunteers, Gavin and Lewis took part in practical gardening sessions in the park itself. TCV's report on volunteering impacts, highlighting recent work undertaken by TCV to better understand the full impact of volunteering was presented at the conference - our own Penge Green Gym gets special mention in the report. During the conference, Brenda was delighted to receive a 'Volunteering Impacts Award' on behalf of Penge Green Gym for our contribution to the local community (along with Jeremy from Watford Green Gym) well done everyone! For more information about the report you can go to ...

Sadly, more bad news about the living willow area

After the destruction of the willow dome and arch we decided that we wouldn't be cowed by the vandals and this week we replaced the dome with a low living willow hedge.  Unfortunately having checked the garden this weekend we have found that the hedge has also been destroyed the the remaining willow arch is now completely gone.  

We need your eyes and ears!

Anyone who lives locally and regularly goes through the garden, if you see any vandalism going on or hear of anything please let us know, we will not stop trying to improve the gardens but this kind of destruction is very demoralising.

On a brighter note

The construction of the new raised bed in the growing area is nearly complete, it just needs to be sunk into the ground.  (Thanks to our new volunteer Chris for helping out).

The plants in the greenhouse are going great guns, we're actually running out of space and with the warmer weather watering them regularly is becoming a priority.  The rose cuttings have nearly all taken and will hopefully be great sellers at our Open Day 14th June.

Events happening over Easter

Stephen Tinker has sent us details of some events taking place at High Elms over the easter holidays.