Sunday, 23 November 2014

See what's happening in Penge this week....

Penge Green Gym Newsletter



Dear Penge Green Gym Supporters


Exciting new additions to the Winsford Gardens roses

Local people who enjoy walking through the park have always admired the formal rose beds that give the gardens it's character.  Two of the beds always give year round colour.  We often see a rose or two still blooming into December.  But the third rose bed had been sadly neglected and overrun with ivy and other creeping weeds.  But thanks to a grant from the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association and some hard work from our volunteers we have now planted 25 hybrid roses.  We are excited to see how they spring to life next year.  

A busy time, cleaning, spreading and cutting

A group of volunteers spent a morning at Hevers meadows cutting willow whips for using as fences and other useful willow structures.
And thanks to the generosity of the Landscape Group and Greenfields Wood Waste Solutions we have received donations of soil improver and woodchip respectively.  They have now been spread over the beds and our flowers will greatly benefit from these additions.  We'd like to thank both companies for their generous help.

The council also sent a trailer so that we could remove all hard cuttings that couldn't been recycled in the garden. We have also taken the opportunity of an empty greenhouse to give it a good clean.  Hopefully all sheltering slugs and snails have been given their marching orders and so next years succulent seedlings will have a chance to grow!


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