Sunday, 3 March 2019

Penge Green Gym Newsletter March 2019

See what's happening in Penge this week....

Penge Green Gym Newsletter

Waitrose Community matters fund

Penge green gym has been fortunate enough to be picked by Waitrose once more to be a recipient of its community matters fund.  All you need to do is go to Waitrose in Beckenham (next to the station) in the month of March, pick up a green token at the check out (or self service checkout) and put it in the perspex box.  We will recieve a portion of the money raised along with 2 other good causes.  Thank you to Waitrose in being so generous in picking us again.  

Spring at Winsford Gardens
After what feels like a fairly short and mild winter the last week has been glorious (if somewhat strange) for February.  Looking back at pictures from last year it is hard to believe it is the same month!

 So we have taken full advantage of the good weather and got on with lots of repairs giving the fences and benches some much needed tlc.  We have particularly enjoyed repairing the dead hedges and hazel fences with coppiced hazel and willow kindly donated by TCV groups in Croydon and South Norwood Country park respectively.  We have repaired and varnished some of the benches and cleared the growing area in preparation for sowing seeds in the the new season.  

We also received some new shrubs from Idverde including Dogwoods.  We have made new beds and look forward to them filling out in the coming years.

Now is the time to come and see the spring bulbs.  They are in full bloom and looking fabulous.  And with the warm weather we have had lots of solitary bees enjoying the Mahonia and other early flowering plants.