Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Spring finally on the way at Winsford Gardens

Penge Green Gym Newsletter

Spring finally on the way at Winsford Gardens

After what seems like a very long, cold and wet winter the warmer weather is finally on the way and that means our projects are full steam ahead!  Not least our so called 'dry gravel garden' which, for the last few weeks has looked more like a pond.  A combination of very wet weather and a layer of sticky of clay has meant the rain has not been able to drain away and left us scratching our heads about what to about the puddle!  In spite of this we have managed to start covering the area with weed suppressant and gravel.  And this week we hope to get it all covered, and the planting can finally begin.

Penge Green Gym at community fundraising event
Members of the committee attended this event at Bromley Civic centre, along with the Mayor Councillor Kathy Bance and Councillor William Huntingdon-Thresher.  Chairperson, Brenda Little spoke about the ways in which PGG have raised money for various projects and the ways that other community groups can take advantage of the funds available in this sector.  The event was covered in the local press and social media.

A big thank you to Waitrose

We would like to thank Waitrose Community matters green token month for raising £256 for Penge Green Gym.  Thank you to all our supporters for dropping a token in our box!

More projects for spring

Other projects that we have been able to get on with in the chilly weather includes finishing our path in the growing area which will make it easier to move in and out of the area with wheel barrows.  We've also made a low hazel fence around our wildlife pond.  We've also seen that we've got frogspawn for the first time, and the tadpoles are now hatching.  We've also planted 10 hazel trees kindly donated by Penny Read at Idverde.

We may have had a chilly start to 2018 but nothing stops the PGG crew!